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Decoration Guidelines at Roselawn

Thank You for visiting Roselawn Memorial Park. Roselawn always has seasonal flower bouquets and winter decorations available in the office. If you are unable to place decorations yourself, we will gladly do it for you. Please contact us about our current offerings.

In order to maintain lawns, it is necessary to curtail certain items during the mowing season. Your cooperation is needed for us to maintain the highest standards of maintence and care possible.

Both cut and artificial flowers are permitted throughout the year, however any arrangements not placed in a permanent vase will be removed. All other items are prohibited during the mowing season.

On Easter Sunday, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, and Fathers Day, potted plants, wreaths, and baskets are permitted three days before and ending one week after the occasion.

Twice per year ALL ITEMS in the cemetery and in all buildings are removed for cleanup. The Spring Cleanup week is approximately the week of March 15th, and the Fall Cleanup is always the week before Thanksgiving. Anything you wish to save must be picked up prior to our removal date posted in the Monroe paper and the sign at the entrance to the cemetery.

Winter decorations are accepted the week of Thanksgiving. All grave blankets must have a numbered disposal tag available at the office.


Anything placed on any lot in this cemetery
is done so at your own risk.

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